Door Entry

Protecting your premises is easy with Access Control which acts as your electronic gatekeeper, denying unwanted visitors and recording entry & exit times for authorised visitors.

There are many benefits of access control systems, among which are: 

  • Controlling who and when visitors enter the premises

  • Protecting employees

  • Monitoring time & attendance of employees

At SecureAlot we have selected the most reliable and robust systems designed to give you complete peace of mind. Our systems range from basic access control systems protecting a single main entrance door with a keypad, swipe card or keyfob entry to complex integrated fingerprint recognition systems with full reporting software.

Integrated systems offer more comprehensive security management, often networked and are suitable for multi- door installations such as large commercial units, hospitals and warehouses. Certain staff groups can be restricted access to specific areas.

Our access control systems can also be integrated with CCTV Systems, Intruder Alarms and Security Lighting to provide the most secure solution for your business.

Please call us for advice on the design and installation of your system. All systems come with a full warranty and professional, certificated installation.

Video Door Entry

Large 7″ colour LCD monitor, 18mm thick

  • Available in black or white

  • Surface/recessed door mounts

  • Simple push of button to view visitors

  • Microphone built in for two-way communication

  • Optional automatic door release at the push of a button

Hands free door entry, robust design and simple push button function to open the door. Speak to visitors and record image of visitor automatically. Adjustable volume, colour and contrast. Weatherproof door bell and certified professional installation.

Answer on your smartphone when you’re away from your property.

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  • Control who enters the premises

  • Protect employees

  • Record attendance, access to restricted areas

  • Detailed Time & Attendance reports

  • Up to 2,000 users

  • Real time monitoring and door status display


It is vital that you invest in the most effective system for your business. Please call us for expert advice. All systems come with a guarantee and certified expert installation

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